Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long time, no blog

Oh hey, it's been a while.
I have trouble remembering what I do, really, with all of my time. I feel like I have a decent amount of free time, and I'm nowhere near as idle as I can be (just ask my roomie at school, or my parents haha) yet I never feel like I have anything exciting to say.
I guess I didn't do anything last Sunday after my last post, and the school/work week is less than exciting. Except I noticed for the first time last week that my Tube to work goes past a golf course every morning, and it reminds me of my Dad and brothers. :)
Work has been the same, classes are typical. This past Thursday I stayed with my good friend from Goucher, Perry, again and subsequently went clubbing, again. Sensing a pattern here? Hmm... we'll see how that goes, haha. I can't say it wasn't fun! The weekend after that was pretty much a wash, we had a paper due on Monday for one of our classes that no one had started yet, so that had most of the weekend dedicated to it. Bhumi, our friend Kelsey and I did walk around on Saturday night to try and find a nice pub to just spend a little time in, and we ended up outside the 3 Tuns at LSE talking to the bouncer (whose name was Sasha) for about half an hour. We didn't even want to go in, we just asked him how much the cover was (£5, ick) and suddenly we were embroiled in a debate about why people from the States give everything strange names. Really I think no matter what we had named things, he still would have thought his was better, haha.
Oh! Sunday I played volleyball! I had e-mailed the captains of both the mixed and the all-girls teams, but only the mixed responded to let me know that I could 'try out' on Sunday night, because they practice then from 7-9pm. I was nervous, because I haven't had to actually try out for a team since high school, but what ended up happening was that I went, only 6 other people came, and we just played 4 on 3 the entire time! The balls themselves were TERRIBLE, my arms still feel bruised, but it was still nice to be on the court playing. I certainly didn't prove myself an all-star, but I'll definitely be back next weekend.
Monday night I got to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which is a Tennessee Williams play that is supposed to be amazing. I thought it was very good; I had no idea what it was about going in (and I'm not gonna tell you now) and it certainly wasn't what I expected. The acting was outstanding, though. Perhaps the best part- we bought £10 tickets the same day (it's a special deal for same-day ticket purchase earlier in the day) and when we showed up at night, they looked at our tickets at the door and ushered us over to the ticket booth to be upgraded! We were in maybe the 12th row, right on the floor. They were excellent seats- for only £10! I do love a good deal.
Now, well, now I'm at work. Schweeeet. I have to go back through all of my spreadsheets because I'd been using the 2007/08 expenses for my data, but the 08/09 were just updated, meaning I get to do them allllll over again. Then I get to go through this: which is Sir Thomas Legg's expenses report that was just published last week. It details the repayments that MPs are expected to make- though it doesn't include all 647.
I should go do that now... okay, that's all for now!

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