Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take note!

The After Skool Klub is a place wherein you must go in a group larger than two, and having imbibed a SIGNIFICANT amount of alcohol beforehand. If you have not accomplished either of those things, make friends with the half Brazilian and half Italian girl in front of you on line who can give you discount coupons to get in and introduce you to all of her friends whose names you can't pronounce- oh, except for Anna.

Then try to avoid, as I failed to do, getting slapped on the butt by an incredibly drunk, skinny, bald man as he makes some weird sort of mating call at you while you walk. It is a slightly disturbing experience.

But for serious, there was a nice walk along the Thames before going to the 'Klub' that reinforced to me that London is absolutely beautiful at night, the London Eye a circle of lights and Parliament and Big Ben boasting their own pretty illumination.

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